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  • Strength Training 101

    By Brooklynn Savage | In Community, Gym | on May 23, 2019

    The advantage of coming to a class, is that it doesn’t take a lot of planning beforehand. You don’t have to think up your own workout because we do it for you. 

  • Effective Goal Setting

    By Brooklynn Savage | In Gym, Lifestyle | on March 29, 2019

    To stay excited and working toward my goal, I have to set attainable short-term goals to keep me on track for my long-term goals!

  • Pick a Challenge!

    By Brooklynn Savage | In Community, Gym, Lifestyle | on January 25, 2019

    Maybe you’ve been working out consistently for a while and are looking for something to switch things up…

  • 7 Tips to Surviving the Holidays

    By Brooklynn Savage | In Gym, Lifestyle | on November 17, 2018

    With how busy this holiday season can be, it’s hard to keep up with your healthy lifestyle on top of all the holiday preparation. If you don’t want to be playing catch up after the holidays, here are 7 tips to help get you through:

  • Don’t Hibernate!

    By Brooklynn Savage | In Gym, Lifestyle, Outdoor | on October 18, 2018

    It’s getting colddddd! So while I know that it’s tempting to hibernate, just don’t do it! This is about the time of year that we start retreating to the comfort of the indoors. That’s what makes this the perfect time to get yourself back into an established workout routine. Whether that’s on your own, through […]

  • What Are You Doing This Weekend?

    By Brooklynn Savage | In Uncategorized | on August 31, 2018

    Sometimes It’s hard to get to the gym on the weekend. Since you woke up Monday morning, you were probably looking forward to Friday. I know that for some, coming to the gym has become a part of their weekend routine. That’s great for them! But for the rest of us, getting up on the […]

  • Losing Motivation?

    By Brooklynn Savage | In Uncategorized | on July 26, 2018

    It’s Summer! So it’s summer. The suns out (sometimes) which somehow manages to flip your schedule completely upside down. We all know fitness tends to be one of the first things we start to slack off on come summertime. So what do you do about your goals? What Do You Do? Have you ever set […]

  • Core Strength

    By Brooklynn Savage | In Uncategorized | on June 15, 2018

    With all these advantages to building our core muscles, we should definitely know how to target these muscles. Try incorporating some of these core exercises to…

  • Balance

    By Brooklynn Savage | In Uncategorized | on June 1, 2018

    Maybe now you’re thinking, “Well I’m not a kid anymore, so why would I need balance?”  Whether you’re 18, 25, 42, or 79, balance is…

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