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Personal Training Packages

Affordable pricing options to help take you to the next level

Personal training is the number one way to invest in your fitness success. Build your personal fitness, achieve your goals, and build a friendship along the way.

You can rely on our personal trainers to guide your fitness journey and keep you safe and motivated along the way . With our personal training packages you are guaranteed to get off to a great start that will set the tone for years of progress toward achieving your fitness goals. Once you get started you will never look back.


1/2 Hour $36 $47
1 Hour $56 $67
5 Hours Prepaid $255 $310
10 Half-Hours Prepaid $310 $420
Starter Package* $93 $126


* 3 half-hour sessions for first-time personal trainees (members only)

Call or stop by the front desk to book your personal training appointment today.

Personal Training Testimonial

At first, I intended on only working with Chrissy until the reunion, but I got so much more than a workout out of our sessions that I have been coming back for over a year without any plans to stop.  It’s worth it because she:

Gives me exercises that strengthen my old injuries without pain, allowing me to do more at the gym and at home.

Pushes me.  I work harder when I work out with her, than when I work out alone.

Corrects my form; I feel like I get more out of every workout because of her adjustments.

Mixes up the equipment we use, and the bonus is that I feel comfortable using all the equipment on my own now.

Provides me with a full body workout in only 30 minutes, which fits my crazy schedule.

Teaches me new exercises every week.  Her ideas are endless. I am never bored.

Has a friendly, no-guilt attitude that motivates me to stay on track, even when my schedule prevents me from coming to the gym for long periods of time.

Keeps me encouraged and accountable; she is the workout partner I need.

I feel accomplished and happy when we finish a session. I would highly recommend Personal Training with Chrissy!

—Leslie Bradley

June 2017

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