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VS&F Junior Tennis Academy

VS&F Junior Tennis Academy

Developing the area’s young players

REGISTRATION—September 2020

Register Online now to reserve your spot. You may also mail in your Registration Form with a check.

Call Vermont Sport & Fitness at (802) 775-9916 to learn more about our junior tennis programs from one of our Tennis Professionals. We specialize in working with first time junior tennis players from ages 5-16 years old.


At the VS&F Junior Tennis Academy our main goal for our players is to have fun learning the sport of tennis. We believe that kids always reach their highest potential in a sport if they love what they are doing. By teaching them tennis through games and fun the kids will enjoy a sport that they can take with them for the rest of their lives.

For the younger kids they will learn age appropriate skills and body control in a fun and positive environment. The older groups the players will be developing skills that will allow them to compete in fun events and matches. In addition believe that VS&F Junior Tennis Academy is a great program for any kid at any level and we would love to invite you to join our growing youth players.

Munchkin (ages 5-6)
An introduction to the sport, children develop their physical abilities with motor skills, agility, teamwork, hand-eye coordination, and games. Players also learn the basics of the game while having fun.Tennis kids at Vermont Sport and Fitness

Kids (ages 7-9)
This age group is a mix of continual development of agility, team-work, and hand-eye coordination while also beginning to develop finer skills and fun games.

Youth (ages 10-12)
This is a very important stage where kids develop their skills, emphasizing technique and focus, while still being fun. They also will learn how to play the game and a sense of personal achievement.

Teen (ages 13-16)
Teens will continue to develop and customize their tennis skills. Great preparation for high school team tennis at the JV or Varsity level. Perfect age to build a lifetime sport.

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