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Don’t Hibernate!

By Brooklynn Beauregard | In Gym, Lifestyle, Outdoor | on October 18, 2018

It’s getting colddddd! So while I know that it’s tempting to hibernate, just don’t do it! This is about the time of year that we start retreating to the comfort of the indoors. That’s what makes this the perfect time to get yourself back into an established workout routine. Whether that’s on your own, through ActivTrax, or with a trainer; all are a much better choice than doing nothing. Here’s the thing, there are so many people that head to the couch for the winter, so we could assume there might be some valid reasons for it. But! That doesn’t mean that’s what you should do. The advantages of fighting the urge to go into hibernation far outweigh the outcome of when we give in to the urge.

The Advantages

All throughout the summer, we work our butts off to get in better shape for our summer vacations and activities. But just imagine if you kept all that hard work up throughout the fall and winter. Not only will you keep yourself from moving backwards, but you’ll even end up moving forwards! You know that saying, “summer bodies are made in the winter”- that didn’t come from nowhere. That image you got off Pinterest that’s been assigned as your “fitness goal” was in fact made by working hard, when it was cold out.

I’ve got another one for you, “use it or lose it”. Don’t let all your progress get undone! Find some winter activities you can enjoy by yourself, with the family, with your significant other… who knows, maybe you’ll end up finding your new favorite hobby and even enjoy the cold!

You know what else can happen when we hibernate for the winter? The winter blues. You already know that working out gets your endorphins going. I can’t think of a better way to fight off the winter blues (or fall blues) than with a great workout. If you know the winter blues come back and haunt you each year, be proactive! Find a class that you can fit in your schedule at least once a week and start by committing to that. You’ll feel so good that you’ll be scheduling in more gym sessions in no time.

So Many Options!

If I haven’t convinced you to stay out of hibernation yet, wait until you see all the options! If you are someone who heads inside for the winter, we’ve got a great amount of class selections. There are classes focused on cardio, strength training, interval training, balance and flexibility, core; anything you need, we’ve got it! If you prefer the one-on-one experience you can schedule an appointment with one of our personal trainers, or get your ActivTrax workouts set up for you to do on your own. Hey and with our new treadmills, you can track all your runs on an app so you don’t miss out on tracking your outdoor runs! Head to our website to for more information on all the indoor activities we have to offer, such as tennis and pickleball.

For those that still want to take it outside this winter, you’ll be happy to hear about all the health benefits to it. Continue tracking runs outside, or try something a little different. You can go cross country skiing, snow shoeing on some of Vermont’s beautiful trails. Or head to the mountains to snow board and ski. You do not have to stay inside!

Don’t wait for the New Years’ resolutions to come around. Get active now.

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