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What Are You Doing This Weekend?

By Brooklynn Beauregard | In Uncategorized | on August 31, 2018

Sometimes It’s hard to get to the gym on the weekend. Since you woke up Monday morning, you were probably looking forward to Friday. I know that for some, coming to the gym has become a part of their weekend routine. That’s great for them! But for the rest of us, getting up on the weekend to go the gym is one of the last things we want to do. While that’s not a bad thing, it can definitely bring all the momentum we’d built up during the week to a halt. So how do you keep your momentum going during the weekend without going to the gym?

Get Rested

If I don’t do enough for myself during the weekend, the gym is the last thing on my mind. You’re much more likely to come back to the gym come Monday, if you’ve given yourself the proper amount of rest. And I’m not just talking about physical rest; mental rest is just as vital to your health. Take an hour, or a half hour just to take a power nap, or watch Netflix, read a book- whatever it is you do to unwind, do it. Maybe come to the gym and use the steam room, that way you create the habit of still coming to the gym, while giving yourself the rest you need (yes, I am brilliant). And while this may seem counterproductive at first, hear me out; don’t sleep in (at least, not too much). Sleeping in on the weekend throws off your internal clock, and makes it so much harder to wake up early again, during the week. Not to mention, messing with your clock is bad for your health in the long-run.

Get Outside!

I don’t know about you, but nothing refreshes me more than getting outside. And what’s great about the outdoors is it’s not hard to accomplish. Go for a walk, grab the family and go to the park, play a game of tag with your kids/grand-kids (or a round). The season of leaf raking is coming up! Get some outside chores out of the way while breathing in the fresh air. The weekend is also a great time to try out a new hiking spot, or revisit a favorite trail. The opportunities are endless when it comes to the outdoors.

Clean (yes.. clean)

Here’s another one that might throw you off a little. The truth is, cleaning can be therapeutic! To start, cleaning gets you moving and burns calories. But aside from that, having a messy, or cluttered house can add to an already stressful life. When you get rid of the mess and the clutter, it can clear your mind as well. Just like that, you feel a little bit better and you’re ready for a productive week. Which is perfect for getting yourself back in the gym! So it’s like a triple threat; you work up a sweat, get to destress, and it sets you up for success come Monday.

Have Fun!

MOST important is to have fun. Dedicate one weekend day to being a “Funday”. Maybe that’s the day you hike, or read. Fun for you may also look like socializing, doing something creative, or socializing at a creative event- whatever it is you do to have fun, do it! Then you’ll have no excuses for skipping out on the gym. You’re rested, clean and motivated, let’s go!

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Brooklynn Savage

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