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Core Strength

By Brooklynn Beauregard | In Uncategorized | on June 15, 2018

I last posted about the importance of balance, and what steps to take in order to build yours up. I mentioned strengthening your core as one of the solutions to improving balance. But a stronger core also results in better stability, reduced chance of injury, better posture, and can even alleviate lower back pain as well. Sounds pretty great, right? And that’s not even including all the other advantages! (I’m serious, look it up)

With all these advantages to building our core muscles, we should definitely know how to target these muscles. Chances are, if I were to ask you what exercises you’re doing to strengthen your abs, you’d probably tell me you’re doing crunches, or variations of them. Now while crunches aren’t bad for you, and they do strengthen your rectus abdominis, they’re only working one of the muscles that make up your core.

See, our core does more than help us bend forward (the motion that crunches targets). These muscles bend you forward, backwards, sideways; they help you twist, or stay steady when someone tries to push you over. Try incorporating some of these exercises into your next ab workout to work new planes of motion; wood chops, bird dog, warrior pose, standing oblique bends, plank on stability ball, drawing in maneuver. The great thing is, whatever your goal is, to be stronger, be a better athlete, have better balance, stand taller; working on your core muscle group will contribute to your personalized goal.

If you’d like any additional exercises, or for guidance on ab exercises, see one of our trainers at Vermont Sport & Fitness. Also check some of these classes that help build core strength, and reap the benefits; Group Core, Yoga, Pilates.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Brooklynn Savage

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