Total Strength


Stength Building Classes

A Total Muscle Building experience


Five minute warm-up. Two rounds of circuit-style 30-60 second intervals of strength training/cardio, utilizing dumbbells, kettlebells, and bands. Five minute cardio burnout. Core finisher. Exercises are explained, plus one-on-one work. (45 min.)


The Total Strength class at Vermont Sport and Fitness is a dynamic and invigorating 45-minute workout designed to push your limits and build comprehensive strength. The class begins with a five-minute warm-up to prepare your muscles and get your heart rate up, ensuring you are ready for the challenges ahead. Participants then dive into two rounds of circuit-style intervals, each lasting 30-60 seconds, blending strength training and cardio exercises. Utilizing a variety of equipment, including dumbbells, kettlebells, and resistance bands, the circuits are crafted to target different muscle groups and elevate your cardiovascular fitness, providing a well-rounded and intense workout experience.

Following the circuits, the class features a five-minute cardio burnout designed to maximize calorie burn and boost cardiovascular endurance. The session concludes with a core finisher, focusing on strengthening and toning the abdominal muscles. Throughout the class, exercises are clearly explained, and participants benefit from one-on-one guidance, ensuring proper form and technique. Whether you are looking to enhance your strength, improve your endurance, or get a comprehensive full-body workout, the Total Strength class at Vermont Sport and Fitness offers a challenging yet supportive environment to achieve your fitness goals.

Medium Difficulty