Essential Fitness


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A Total Fitness experience


This class covers it all! Combining moderate functional activity such as balance and mobility, aerobic activity, stretching, core and overall strength and fitness exercises. (50 min.)


Wednesdays at 11:30am


The Essential Fitness class at Vermont Sport and Fitness offers a comprehensive workout experience designed to cater to all aspects of physical health and well-being. This 50-minute class integrates moderate functional activities, focusing on enhancing balance and mobility, which are crucial for daily life and overall physical stability. Participants engage in a blend of aerobic exercises that elevate the heart rate, improving cardiovascular health and endurance. This dynamic class structure ensures that every major component of fitness is addressed, making it suitable for individuals seeking a well-rounded workout regimen.

In addition to aerobic and functional activities, the Essential Fitness class emphasizes stretching, core strengthening, and overall body conditioning. The stretching exercises promote flexibility and reduce the risk of injury, while the core workouts enhance abdominal strength, supporting better posture and back health. The class also incorporates strength training exercises targeting various muscle groups, ensuring comprehensive muscular fitness and endurance. Whether you are looking to improve your mobility, build strength, or enhance your cardiovascular health, the Essential Fitness class at Vermont Sport and Fitness covers it all, providing a balanced and effective fitness solution.

Medium Difficulty


Melissa C.