Strength Training 2.0


Strenth Training Classes

More Challenge.

More Results.


All the best parts of Strength Training 101 but taking it one step further. Includes ample stretches and a well rounded full body focus. Exercises will be more challenging and stretches will have longer holds, to improve strength and stamina. A moderate class suited to all ability levels. (55 min.)


Fridays at 10:30am


This class will work through each of the muscle groups, stretching in between to help prevent injury. Each part of the class will be done at a slightly increased pace and hold to challenge your muscles and endurance. While this class is still for everyone it does challenge your body in ways that strength training 101 does not. A full-body workout for the beginner/intermediate who wants a complete workout with little risk of injury or over exertion.

Strength Training 2.0 is the perfect class for those wanting to gain all the benefits of strength training, for all ages and levels. Master the basics and find exciting ways to build muscle and endurance. Strength training is so important especially as we get older. We can lose 3%–5% of our muscle mass each decade starting at age 30. This is unless we take steps to reverse the process. Strength Training 2.0 allows everyone to turn the tide in a way that is safe and tailored to the individual. With a moderate pace and a focus on the basics, our members gain strength and balance. This in turn leads to having more energy, allowing you to get the most out of life!

Everyone needs the opportunity to get into a program that is designed for them. Our trainers know just what you need and when you need it to get the most out of the class while staying safe. If you’re looking for an intermediate and complete class that moves at your pace, has a social atmosphere, and builds the muscle you need, then Strength Training 2.0 is the class for you.

Medium Difficulty