Kids Chill Zone


Kids CHILL Zone

Perfect for Parents with Kids Ages 6+

This room is perfect for parents with kids ages 6 and up who can chill in a comfortable room while you work out. This room is located off the lobby right near the front desk. While your kid may not be old enough to be at home alone and sitters are hard to come by, this could be the perfect fit for you and your family.

Access to the room is included with membership. You must sign up online in advance to reserve your kid(s) spot in the room. The room has couches and bean bag chairs for kids who just want to chill and read a book or go on a device they bring from home. We also have various books, toys, legos and open space to occupy their time.

Kids Zone Rules & Expectations

Below are the fundamental rules to the room that keep it both included with membership and a great option for so many parents.

  1. There is no food in the room. If your child brings a snack with them just have them sit in the lobby to eat before they enter the room.
  2. Water only. By not having food or drinks with coloring it will reduce or eliminate the need for additional cleaning.
  3. Leave the room as you found it. In our trial runs it works great if the kids pick up everything they used before they leave the room. The parents should leave extra time to help pick up and return the room to its organized state.
  4. With other kids in the room at the same time please do your best to help clean whatever your child was playing with.
  5. This room is for members only. Non members, even guest passes, do not have access to the Kids Chill Zone.
  6. The room is only available when the front desk has a front desk attendant, but parents are primarily responsible for their kid in the room. We are here to help from the desk when needed.

Kids Rules

  1. Treat the room like you would your school classroom or library. This works for activities, room volume, and respect for the space.
  2. Treat each other with respect so that you can continue to use the room.

If you are going to work out for 1.5 hours it’s best to book the room for a 2 hour slot. Two hour slots will be the max allotted. This gives you time to help with the cleanup at the end which can take a little bit of time depending on the activities the kids did in the room.

You are more than welcome to bring whatever things you need from home. Just be sure to bring them home with you. We do not provide TV in the room so tablets and phones are fine but we do not recommend the kids share the device with other kids in the room as all parents have different rules for the screen usage.