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VS&F Member Usage

By Dan Doenges | In Gym, Uncategorized | on August 24, 2020

We are pleased that members are doing a fantastic job adhering to state guidelines. Although we all are not perfect and this situation is not ideal we have been seeing a continued curve of improvement. Adjusting to life altering events is not easy. The members and staff at Vermont Sport & Fitness are handing it with compassion for each other which is just what we had expected.  

As members start to come back and use the club more they have been asking what times at the club are less busy. We put together this chart based on our check-ins from this year and last to give you the best idea of the flow of people at the club. This chart represents the average check ins at any given time of day. The lighter the color the less people at the club.

Average check in times at VS&F

Please keep in mind that the club is very large and space is our friend right now. Even our busier times, in the dark green, still fall below 15% of the capacity guidelines.

Remember that you must wear a face covering as you come into the club and move about.  Once you are positioned in class or in your workout space please keep your 6’. With your 6’ we still encourage you to wear your mask if you can and keep your distance if you cannot.   

Although we have taken many measures to create a safe space we understand there is some risk. With that in mind we want to make sure if you are in one of the high risk groups that you take careful consideration before returning. You can also contact us to help you find the best times and spaces for your workout.  Having 37,000 Sq/ft of space allows us to have many safe options.

We are thankful to be in Vermont and we are thankful to have so many considerate members. We know that mental and physical health through fitness is just as important now as ever. We know that all the risks of being unhealthy and sedentary still exist and fighting against those risks is still our mission.

Keep moving, keep setting goals and keep finding ways to improve your physical and mental health.  We will be here doing our best for anyone who would like to join us.   

-Dan Doenges

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