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Goals And Commitment – Monday’s with Mike

By Dan Doenges | In Gym, Lifestyle | on December 31, 2018

First Comes Goals, Second Comes Commitment.

The decision has been made to commit to my fitness, so that’s a good start. Finding the time to fit it in (pun intended) on the other hand has been, well lets say, slightly more of a struggle than anticipated. As any new entry into a major change goes for me, it takes some time to ramp up.

It seemed that work schedules, personal schedules and lack of routine proved to be a challenge. Not in the way of my desire or my thought process as much as my actual ability to make it to the gym and start a work out.

Funny thing though, I made an appointment to meet with VS&F personal Trainer Brooklynn, and I somehow was able to make that without any trouble!  It just goes to show you – it’s not magic, it’s not circumstance, it is just making the commitment and sticking to it. I committed to be at that appointment with Brooklynn just like I commit to my work meetings and to my friends and family. Then I followed through just like I normally would on any other day.

How To Make The Time

So why is it so hard to find time in my schedule for myself to make it to the gym, even now that I have that goal and that vision locked in?

I could say this week that it was the holidays, but that would just be an excuse.  I could say (like I stated earlier) that work and personal schedules got in the way, but that would just be a symptom. A symptom of a root cause that just needs a bit of tweaking.

I need to make a commitment to myself, to work on and meet my goals. I need to make a commitment to block out time in my schedule, and prioritize not “working out” but my personal health. 

I started that commitment with Brooklynn.  Bringing experts into my world that know how to do the things that I am trying to do better is really important to my success. Brooklynn is helping me make some S.M.A.R.T goals. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely goals to help me with my success. This is what I will be committing to in small increments to keep me on track.



Loose 5 Pounds by February 1st.

(seems reasonable)

Plan (4 Weeks)

Cardio 3x Per Week – 15 to 30 min (incrementally)

Weights/Resistance 3x Per Week 

So, not crazy, right?  It really meets the SMART criteria and it’s a small bite of the bigger goal I feel I can achieve! 

I got started on this over the past two weeks, I’ve lost about 3.5lbs and I feel super refreshed, clear headed and energized after my workouts! 

As much as the goal seems easy, well, I’ll admit sometimes the work to get to that goal… is not. However, with a bigger goal in mind, and something close and attainable I can reach for, it certainly seems like it’s worth the effort!


Next Time:  My Master Goal and Getting around the things that get in the way (Like Work and Travel).

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