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Overcoming The Struggle With Brooklynn Savage

By Dan Doenges | In Gym, Nutrition | on September 20, 2018


We would like to introduce the newest member of the Vermont Sport & Fitness team. You’ve seen her behind the desk, you’ve taken her classes, now let’s officially welcome our new Personal Trainer Brooklynn Savage! If you struggle with losing weight and are thinking about working with a trainer, she could be the perfect fit for you! Brooklynn joined our team back in 2017. She quickly went on to get her Personal Training Certification through NASM. Since becoming certified, she’s jumped right in; teaching Strength Training, learning from top local trainers, designing personalized workouts with ActivTrax and taking on new clients.

Hear It From Her

Brooklynn’s passion for her clients comes from her familiarity with the struggle.

Growing up, I struggled with my weight. It really started when I began home-schooling in 8th grade. At the time, I wasn’t playing any school sports, and literally sat on my butt snacking pretty much from start to finish each day. When I went back to school in 9th grade, my weight began to fluctuate a lot. The good thing is that I was back to playing soccer, and moving more throughout the day. But, I’d developed some awful eating habits.

I chose to join a gym and began working out 3-5 times per week, and still nothing was changing. This went on for 3 years. I always had this idea that by the time I was graduating, for my senior pictures I would finally be at my goal weight! So when the time came to take those pictures and I was still 190 pounds, I was crushed; I felt completely hopeless. I’d pretty much given up on trying.

Then I went to Colorado for a year internship. During that time I dropped 40 pounds! What made the difference for me? I found myself surrounded by people who invested their time and care into me; who wanted to see me succeed. I changed my eating habits, and fell in love with working out and seeing results. The people who encouraged me and pushed me were instrumental in helping me finally push past my wall to feeling better about myself! It is my desire to be that person for anyone who feels stuck in their own struggle, trying to reach their fitness goals.

Are You Ready?

Right now through our current promotion, you can sign up for sessions with Brooklynn and receive 25% off your personal training package.

Your success is important to Brooklynn because she knows what a great feeling it is to finally overcome your struggle after battling for so long. You really are in good hands when you sign up to be trained by Brooklynn. She’ll push you, encourage you and inspire you, all with a smile on her face. As you may have guessed, her focus is on weight loss clients, and she is currently pursuing a certification specializing in Fitness Nutrition. She really just loves working with clients who are ready for a change.

If you want to sign up for some sessions with Brooklynn, you can call or visit the front desk, and they’ll get you all set up!

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