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A lifetime sport!


Download our February 2018 Tennis Schedule.


Vermont Sport & Fitness is one of northern New England’s premier tennis facilities. With programs designed for kids, teens, and adults there is a spot on the court for everyone. If you are a beginner we can teach you how to play and help you find compatible partners to help you keep improving your game.

If you are an advanced player looking to engage in healthy competition, Dan our tennis program director can connect you with other players for open hitting or lively matches. Our tennis community is growing every day with leagues and contracts filling up each season and USTA teams playing year round. At Vermont Sport & Fitness we set the standard for tennis in our region, and provide a great way to get exercise in a fun and inviting atmosphere.


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Many sports offer great fitness results, but tennis is a lifetime sport that can provide you with the total package and numerous long-term health benefits for the active player. A sedentary lifestyle can contribute greatly to the development of negative health conditions. Studies have found that people who play moderately vigorous tennis for at least three hours a week reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease, strengthen muscles and have increased coordination. The combination of the use of gross and fine motor skills keep the body in top shape and performing at peak levels. Tennis is also a mental game, requiring tactical thinking and mental readiness; regular play activates new neural connections in your brain that help keep the mind sharp and alert. In addition to the many health advantages, tennis is really a great way to get in shape and spend time with family or friends in a fun and exciting way!




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