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At Vermont Sport & Fitness we are obsessed with your fitness experience which is why we have 5 separate classrooms.  These five rooms have each been designed to fit exactly the workout, or exercise class you will be doing.  When you work out in a space that feels right you feel right and these details are what keep people coming back year after year.

Our main classroom is the largest and has been designed to fit our largest classes and is designed for High Energy. With high Ceilings, state of the art sound system, ideal air flow and a new easy on the body floor you will have no problem keeping your energy up and your workouts going.  With Zumba, Group Power, Group Active and Group Core taking place here you can be sure to get a spot and have plenty of room to move around.

Located in our north wing our Strength and Condition room is designed for power and grit.  This room has the same great sound system and high ceilings but a more rugged feel.  If you are looking for a powerful workout where you test your limits with a smile on your face this is the classroom for you. We run Kettle Bells and Bootcamp out of this room (outside classroom in nice weather).  Both classes are great exercise and fun at the same time.  This room also has TRX, battle ropes, jump boxes, squat racks, slam-balls and everything else you would need to get a full HIIT workout.  If you are doing your own workout you an sling your phone up to our 50“ TV in the room to play your favorite music videos or follow out workout on Youtube.  The speaker system is designed so you can plug in and rock out to whatever gets you going.

If you are looking for a completely different experience you may want to look at our Body Mind Room located off the lobby.  This room is designed to have a calming effect and give you piece of mind.  With soft lighting and walls painted in greens of plants and the forest you can’t help but feel more relaxed.  This is where you will find Yoga and Palates classes.  The experience in this room with these classes is one of a kind.  You can get into the mental space you need to wash the day away and center yourself.  If you’re on your on this room is great for stretching or just finding a quiet place to decompress.

If you’re someone who loves spinning we have the best space around.  With high ceilings, new sound system, a big ass fan, mirrors and bikes already set up for you this room is the spinning room.  With the lights off and the music up you can enjoy a great cardio burn and exercise with one of our experienced spin instructors.  When the ride gets hard the music goes up and the instructors get motivating to help you push through.  The big ass fan is over 20 feet wide and creates an outdoor ride like experience with a steady breeze in the room to keep you cool.

If you like being outside we have just the class room for you.  In between the outdoor pool and our clay tennis courts we have our outdoor class space.  With outdoor speakers, green grass and a flat open space you can move fast and take in the fresh air.  Don’t be surprised if hill sprints find their way into the workout.  Kettlebells, Bootcamp and sometimes Yoga take place on this outdoor space.

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