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Club Safety & Guidelines Update

By Andrew Donovan | In Gym, Lifestyle, News | on June 28, 2020

Hello Everyone,

We are thrilled to see everyone at the club doing great and getting back to their personal fitness. We’re also happy to see so many people live-streaming our classes! We are very encouraged by all the great stories we have already heard about how fitness, tennis and camps are bringing people to a happier and healthier place than they have been in some time. As you know, fitness is key to our physical and mental health and can help us be better prepared for anything.  

We want to focus for a moment on how we can keep all of this going strong. One of the best ways for the club to be able to support you all is through following state guidelines for safety. Here are some reminders of what we are doing for our members:

• Temperature checks of all staff before each shift.   

• Temperature checks for all children in childcare and camp.

• Daily COVID safety questionnaire for all staff

• Additional cleaning and sanitizing throughout the day by staff and professional cleaning crew.

• NO Drop-ins. Members or 10 pass holders only.

• Non Vermont ID must be from <400 cases per million or fill out 14 day quarantine promise before signing up.

• HVAC system for all available rooms has been maxed out to vent out the club air and replace it with outside air. 

• Daily monitoring and corrective action for best practice of safety guidelines.

We also want to reiterate and make sure everyone is clear on our mask policy. Masks are going to help us stay safe and stay open, by limiting the potential spread of someone who is asymptomatic or presymptomatic. We are encouraging you to wear your mask when moving throughout the club in spaces where you cannot maintain 6’ distancing.

Of course, when you work out in your space this is not required but we would like to see more people using them in places like the lobby, stairways and entering or exiting the locker rooms. In addition to hand washing and always wiping down equipment before and after use, we feel this is our best fight to reduce the risk of spread.

We are so excited to have the club back open for all of you! We know bringing a sense of normalcy back, with great energy and happy members, can lead us all to forget we are still managing COVID and its spread. Let’s all together try to find the perfect balance between our normal lives and safety precautions. The ability to walk this line is our best chance to stay healthy, happy and be able to enjoy the parts of our lives like the gym that are so important to all of us.

Reminder if you are a high risk individual please weigh your options carefully. VS&F and our members are doing well but no space is entirely safe.

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