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VS&F Journey

Re-Opening Plan

By Dan Doenges | In Community, Gym, Lifestyle | on May 13, 2020

After working on the state task force to ensure all health clubs have the appropriate safety measures in place for Phase I, we are confident in our plan to reopen safely.

We are excited to be able to re-open soon and we pledge to make your return to the gym as safe and enjoyable as possible. This pandemic will be with us for a while longer, which is why we’ll be following a phased approach on our eventual return to normal.

We will be asking our members to make a few adjustments to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort. All our staff will be making adjustments as well. Please let us know how you are doing and what we can do better. We’re all in this together!

The Phase I guidelines are shown below for re-opening. We will be able to open up to a greater degree in Phase II and we will be in communication about those changes at that time. 

Front desk staff will have additional cleaning duties and we also wish to avoid extended in-person contact for the sake of social distancing. For that reason we will be asking members to route questions as follows:

Membership questions? Please contact Leslie Doenges directly at lkdoenges@gmail.com or leave a message at the club and she will call you back as soon as she is able, to answer any questions.

Health, safety, sanitization questions? Please contact Dan Doenges directly at ddoenges@gmail.com or leave a message at the club and he will return your call as soon as possible.

Modified Summer Hours at VS&F

Monday-Friday 5:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Safety Guidelines for Members – Phase I

  1. Illness: If you are sick, you must not enter the club. Additionally, please answer for yourself these four questions from the CDC and if the answer is yes, do not enter the club for two weeks. 
    1. Have you been confirmed positive for COVID-19? 
    2. Are you currently experiencing, or recently experienced, any acute respiratory illness symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath? 
    3. Have you been in close contact with any persons who have been confirmed positive for COVID-19? 
    4. Have you been in close contact with any persons who have traveled and are also exhibiting acute respiratory illness symptoms?
  2. Travel: If you are returning from out of state, please do not come in to the club for 14 days.
  3. High-Risk Individuals: Vulnerable or high-risk individuals are discouraged from using the facilities during Phase I.
  4. Off-Peak Hours: Good times to have more personal space are weekends, evenings, and mid-afternoon.
  5. Social Distancing: Maintain a minimum six foot distance at all times. Observe markings on floor that indicate where to setup during classes. In any tight areas, please wait and limit passage to one person at a time.
  6. Hand Washing: Hand washing with soap or use of hand sanitizer is required before entering exercise rooms or using any equipment.
  7. Face-Touching: Avoid touching your face to prevent virus spread.
  8. Sneezing & Coughing: Sneeze or cough into your elbow or tissue.
  9. Cover your mouth and nose with a face covering: it is recommended that you wear a face covering when around others. You may remove it when exercising as long as you are able to maintain a 6 foot distance from others. Also wear one when you are closer than 6 feet from other people, such as when spotting.
  10. Cleaning Equipment: Clean equipment before and after every use with the yellow spray bottles and paper towels. And wipe down spray bottles after every use. Additional paper towel and spray bottle stations have been added.
  11. Personal Items: Bring your own towels, water bottle, mat.
  12. Contact Tracing: Let us know if you have been at VS&F and subsequently acquire COVID-19 so we may assist the state in contact tracing.

Safety Guidelines for Facility – Phase I

  1. Reduced Capacity: Capacity will be limited to assist in social distancing. This includes overall limits for club occupancy, reduced numbers for classes, and limits for individual rooms. We will communicate these limits, as needed, through signage, staff oversight, email, and website.
  2. Illness: All employees will stay home if sick, as well as answering the four CDC questions before every shift.
  3. Health Monitor: An employee will be designated as a health monitor to ensure training and education of employees and customers, ensure signage is posted, ensure guidelines are followed, and document adherence per VOSHA. They will be responsible for keeping records of all COVID-19 policies, procedures, changes, and updated materials. Health monitor will also be responsible for assigning a proxy in his/her absence to carry out monitoring duties
  4. Social Distancing: All staff and members will observe six foot distancing. Markings on the floor and spacing of machines will assist. We will maintain a detailed social distancing plan covering every space at the club. 
  5. Sanitization/Cleaning: We will be following the Vermont Department of Health, CDC and Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD) sanitization/cleaning guidelines.
  6. High-Touch Areas: Staff will be regularly sanitizing door handles, counter tops, and other high-touch areas.
  7. Hourly Cleaning: All equipment in the club will be cleaned on the hour by designated staff. 
  8. Equipment Cleaning: All equipment will be cleaned by staff or instructor prior to the next class. Also before and after each individual training session. 
  9. Deep Cleaning: All equipment will be deep-cleaned by cleaning crew each night. 
  10. Chemicals: We have upgraded our chemicals to those effective against COVID-19. 
  11. Face Coverings: Employees must wear face coverings over their nose and mouth when in the presence of others. A translucent shield is acceptable in lieu of a mask.
  12. Staff Training: All staff will complete COVID-19 safety training with the Vermont Occupation Safety and Health Administration (VOSHA).
  13. Hand Outs: Hand outs will be available summarizing the guidelines in this email.
  14. Signage: Signs will be posted at the entrance and through the club conveying relevant information to remind members of the rules.

Services at VS&F – Phase I

  1. Tennis/Pickleball: Singles tennis is permitted and doubles tennis is permitted if you maintain a minimum six foot distancing (see tennis section in this email). Pickleball encouraged to wear masks in phase 1 due to close proximity. 
  2. Classes: Most classes will resume now with modifications, and some will be on hold till a future phase (see classes section in this email).
  3. Personal Training: Trainers will wear face coverings, maintain six foot distance, and avoid unnecessarily touching equipment or spotting.
  4. Virtual Fitness: One-on-one virtual training over video chat is available with trainers. Please call the front desk for more information. VS&F Trainer Brooke Mars will also be doing at home personal training. More details coming soon.
  5. Weight Room: Avoid using adjacent machines that are closer than six feet. If you will be closer than six feet, for spotting, you are asked to wear a face covering. You may remove face covering while exercising, but encouraged to put on when you are entering, exiting, or moving about.
  6. Cardio Room: Machines will be blocked off where possible to ensure adjacent machines are not used and six foot distance maintained. For Cybex, avoid using adjacent machines if they are closer than six feet. You may remove face covering while exercising, but please put on when you are entering, exiting, or moving about.
  7. Upstairs Class Room: This room has been marked for use during classes to maintain minimum of six foot distance. Room may be used during non-class times as usual.
  8. Spinning Room: Number of bikes has been reduced in half to 12 and we have doubled the space by moving to the half court. 10 feet between all bikes.
  9. Cybex Workout Sheets: We will give out your Cybex workout sheets and then ask that you keep them at home for the time being. 
  10. ActivTrax: We are encouraging members to use the app on their phone. Another option is to enter and printout your own ActivTrax workouts at home. If none of those options work we will still have your workouts ready and still accept them for entry.
  11. Basketball: One person per hoop, no sharing of balls. 
  12. Lockers: You may use your own rented locker if you choose. Day lockers will be unavailable to avoid cross-contamination. If you need to use a locker you may rent one so that it is used only by you.
  13. Showers: We are encouraging everyone to shower at home at this time. If you choose to shower, limit is one person at a time in the men’s shower area. Womens’ room showers are already one-person at a time.
  14. Steam Room: The steam room is unavailable during this phase.
  15. Swimming: The pool is now open. Members are permitted to use with social distancing.
  16. Mid-Day Exercise Club: The Cardio Room strength circuit will be reserved  for Mid-Day Exercise Club members Mon, Wed, Fri from 1-3 pm.
  17. Guests: Entry is limited to members and local resident 10-pass holders. There will be no drop-in guests during Phase I.
  18. Childcare: We will not have childcare during Phase I, but will be opening it as soon as we can.

Classes at VS&F – Phase I

  1. Current Class Offerings: Most classes will run starting the week of June 8th. A few may be delayed. Check schedule and online signup page ahead of time.
  2. Live Streaming: In the coming weeks, classes will be live-streamed on the VS&F website. Either join in for the live class or view archived classes. Limited to members only and will require a password.
  3. Online Signups: Online signups in advance will now be mandatory. If you need help with the website contact the club. 
  4. Upstairs Classroom: Observe floor markings in the upstairs classroom to maintain minimum six foot distance. Blue Xs only in phase 1.
  5. Spinning: Bikes have been spaced to ensure 10′ foot distance regardless of position on bike. 
  6. Cleaning: Clean your equipment before and after every class.

Tennis/Pickleball at VS&F – Phase I

  1. Singles: Maintain six foot distance when entering, leaving, and between games.
  2. Doubles: Doubles are allowed while maintaining six foot distance on court. Two people extending their rackets toward one another is about six feet. Tactics include one up one back, calling balls in the center, being aware of your space.
  3. Social Distancing: Remain minimum six feet apart when entering, leaving, on court, and between games. No high-fives or hand-shakes or fist-bumps. 
  4. Hand-Washing: Wash your hands or sanitize before and after play.
  5. Face Coverings: These may be worn at any time if you choose, and are encouraged if you are regularly within six feet of one another.
  6. Seating: Chairs will be spaced at least six feet apart. Please sanitize your chair after use. Spray the chair handles with yellow bottles. 
  7. Summer Leagues: We will be putting together organized summer leagues. This will be worked out over the next few weeks.
  8. Outdoor Courts: Outdoor courts are now open. Please reserve your court online until we open to guarantee your court. Contact the front desk for a user name and password.
  9. Summer Camp: We will have a modified summer tennis camp this summer, more info to come. Registration is now open.

5 Comments to "Re-Opening Plan"

  • Peter GraceP says:

    May 15, 2020 at 8:34 am - Reply

    Dan, please define “High Risk Individuals” as referred to in phase I Safery Guidelines for Members.

    I wish you the best as you reopen. Peter Grace

    1. Dan Doenges says:

      June 2, 2020 at 2:02 pm - Reply

      Thanks Peter,

      I think we will have to defer to the CDC guidelines on what high risk is. Hopefully that works for you and please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Glenn Curtis says:

    May 28, 2020 at 12:43 pm - Reply

    I would like to register for the tennis summer leagues: Monday mixed 3.0+ 1030-1200, mixed
    doubles & singles Tuesday 1000-1130, Friday Curtis contract 900-1030. I would also like to be a sub for
    the Friday early bird 7-830.

    Glenn Curtis

    1. Dan Doenges says:

      June 2, 2020 at 2:00 pm - Reply

      Got it! Your racket is re-griped and ready to go!

  • Lonna says:

    May 29, 2020 at 4:46 pm - Reply

    Really really great job!!

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