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COVID-19 Updates (Club & Childcare Are Both Open)

By Dan Doenges | In Community, Gym | on March 15, 2020
Dear VS&F Members & Guests,

Vermont Sport & Fitness Club is open with normal club hours. 

As the communities in Vermont work to slow the rate of spread of COVID-19, impactful news has and will come out each day. Right now, the governor’s executive order bans:

“all large non-essential mass gatherings of more than 250 people in a single room or single space at the same time for social and recreational activities.”

Vermont Sport & Fitness numbers are naturally less than 25 people per room. Our club is 37,000sq feet and our parking lot capacity is about 80 cars which helps to limit our overall numbers. We know the club is very important to you all living a physically and mentally healthy life. We want to be able to provide that service in the safest way possible.

Here are four no-exception rules to keep everyone healthy:

#1 If you are even a little sick you cannot come in.We will not make an exception to this. If we notice someone showing signs of being sick, we will ask you to leave and wait until all symptoms go away. This is not personal it is just the new #1 rule.

#2 You must wash your hands or use the hand sanitizer in the lobby before using the gym. We appreciate everyone having stepped up over the last week. Through our front desk observation, it appears everyone is following this so thank you.

#3 Wipe down your equipment after every use. Also, it is recommended to wipe down before as well to control your own space. No matter what room you are using, from a piece of cardio equipment to barbells, this is necessary. Please focus extra attention on the handles. We will be monitoring to ensure this is followed by all members and guests.

#4 Treat one another with care and understanding. We have the best community and culture I have ever had the privilege of being a part of.  Please remember everyone is under varying degrees of stress so we need to be extra thoughtful in how we treat each other. We are a family, and when times are tough, families always come together. 

As the situation in Rutland evolves we may take other measures like distancing equipment and smaller limits on class size. Our objective is to stay open and keep our members and community healthy in the process. We feel very fortunate to have such great members and guests as we are all in this together.

Childcare Update

As for the VS&F childcare, this is also currently open following the state’s recommendation.

We will be communicating directly with childcare workers and staff regularly.

The Vermont Department of Health’s most current guidance for child care facilities, as of March 10, 2020:

“Child care facilities are encouraged to use prevention and mitigation strategies rather than closing facilities until there is evidence that a case is linked to the program or child care facility in some way.”

Thank you, 
Dan & Leslie 

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