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AirPods: Are they worth it?

By Dan Doenges | In Gym, Lifestyle | on September 19, 2019

After 10 years working in a health club I have seen quite a few headphones come through the doors. I myself may have tried about 20 different kinds or brands over the years.  However, AirPods blow all the others headphones out of the water. If you have an iPhone and use headphones while you workout, I can almost guarantee a significantly better experience with AirPods. Here are 5 solid reasons AirPods are your best option:

  1. No Wires… Many headphones claim to be wireless but connect in the back with a cord. AirPods however are truly wireless. No more connected cord whacking you in the back of your head while running. And definitely no more fishing the line down your shirt to your phone or having to stay within 8 inches of a treadmill cup holder.
  2. The Battery LifeThe battery life on these things are amazing, far exceeding anything else I have tried. No one likes getting half way through a run or workout and having their headphones die on them. AirPods last for five hours of listening time or three hours of talking time, on one charge. Then all you have to do is put them in the wireless case and in 15 minutes, they’ll be good to go for three more hours of listening.
  3. Bluetooth Range… Depending on the building you’re in, the Airpods have an impressive range. Now you may not want to leave your phone in your car and go workout.  But if you have your bag in the gym and leave your phone in there, you’re good to workout without having to go back to your phone. Also the Bluetooth connection is instant with your phone. When they connect automatically they also tell you the battery life of the pods and charging case.
  4. Hands Free… Simply tap on the AirPod to pick up phone calls, change songs or adjust volume. You can also talk to Siri and have it do whatever you need.  And my personal favorite is that when someone comes up to talk to you or you need to hear something going on around you, just remove one of the AirPods. Whatever you’re listing to will pause. And when you put the AirPod back in your ear, the music starts back up where you left off.  Super easy, and you don’t miss a thing.
  5. Sound Quality… Lastly, the sound quality is far above any other headphones I have tried. Certainly better than any wireless headphone that I can think of.   You will want to use them all the time!

Yes AirPods are worth it and I recommend them to anyone who has an iPhone. Also if you are worried about looking like that person wearing them, don’t be. If they knew what we know they’d wear them with pride!


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