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VS&F Journey

New VS&F Mission Statement

By Dan Doenges | In Community, Gym | on March 13, 2019

How We Formed Our Mission Statement

Vermont Sport & Fitness is always evolving and we needed a new mission statement to capture who we are and who we strive to be. Rather than having Leslie and I create this alone we asked all of our team to work together to shape our mission. Each person answered questions of what makes VS&F special, what their core role is in serving the members, and why fitness is important to them. We then melded everyone’s thoughts into the mission statement below. We also included how our passion for fitness equals success for our members.

Vermont Sport & Fitness Mission Statement

Vermont Sport & Fitness Club is committed to the health and fitness of our community. We strive to foster lasting connections between members, staff and owners to create an inviting environment that everyone will want to be a part of. We work to provide a consistent, energetic and clean space to help our members accomplish their fitness goals.

Through experience, expertise and passion we will continue to build a health club oasis where members can be their best selves. We believe that everyone is unique so we work to create individualized programs for each person. We look to motivate our members to expand their comfort zones in a fun and relaxed environment. Vermont Sport & Fitness has something for everyone so our members can get the most enjoyment out of life.

Our goal is to be one of New England’s best health clubs. Our dream is to be one of the country’s best.

Our Passion = Your Success

  • We believe that fitness is a lifetime choice
  • We want to improve both our physical and mental strength
  • We must practice what we preach
  • We challenge ourselves and our bodies to be better
  • We feel our best when we are exercising and reaching our goals
  • We want to live long, healthy and joyful lives
  • We want to be strong and agile
  • We are always competing against ourselves to be better
  • We feel better and enjoy our lives and relationships more when we exercise

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