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New Members Change The Way They Walk

By Dan Doenges | In Gym | on January 25, 2019

Maybe it’s the 10 years in the industry or maybe everyone can tell, but you know it when you see it. Once someone decides to take their health seriously there is nothing that can get in their way.  Sometimes it’s a photo they don’t like of themselves, a medical scare, turning 40 or maybe it’s a wedding. But once they have their focus, you can see it in the way they walk.

Seriously it’s in the way they walk. They stand taller, move with purpose, and lift their chin ever so slightly. When people start to work out, it takes weeks before they start to see the pounds come off.  It can be months before they see the definition and muscle gain. And it can be years before they start to master the art of a healthy lifestyle. But after just one workout, you start to feel better.  Fitness is just as much about our mental health as it is our physical health; one compliments the other. When you move, you start to feel better right away. And when you start to feel better, you feel more like moving. That’s how the magic happens.

The Mental Side

Over the last five years our members have been talking more and more about how good they feel mentally when they work out. For some it’s a stress relief. For others the club just a place they can go to relax. I know it sounds counter-intuitive but yes working out can relax you.  It takes the anxiety from daily life and begins to burn it away. If you have not tried this form of stress relief before I highly recommend it. The mental side of fitness can help with depression, anxiety, stress, focus and much more. No wonder people are walking taller. Here is an article touching on each of these.

Move First

For everyone the starting point is different. Just move first and see what happens.  If you sit all day, go for a long walk tomorrow. If you are cold and tired, go to the gym and try some cardio equipment or weight machines.  If you wake up with low energy and feel less than energetic all day, do something physical either at home, outside or in a fitness setting.  Then just see what happens. I bet the next morning you will feel just a bit better. I would even be willing to bet you walk taller, move with more purpose and lift your chin just a bit higher.

Michael’s Update:

Michael says he is feeling fantastic and has much more energy than before he started working out.  He has achieved a steady 3-4 times a week workout both home and on the road.  Michael let us know that it is not always easy to get to the gym but his goals keep him consistent. Michael has now lost 5lbs a few days ahead of his Jan 31st schedule.  He said that working with Brooklynn has been great to keep him on track and also give him workouts to complete when he is on the road.  Seeing Michael come in with energy and a positive attitude is just what we might expect from someone who above all else feels better from focusing on their health.


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