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Joining A Gym In January? #healthy

By Dan Doenges | In Gym, Lifestyle | on January 3, 2019

Joining A Gym In January?

January is an interesting time of year to join a gym. The most notable reason is that people use the start of a new year to reassess what is most important to them. Personal health, both physical and mental, is always at the top of our lists. After a long year, many of us realize that the old saying is correct; “We are nothing without our health”. So do you join a gym in January and risk being #basic, or do you wait for another moment?

Well it may come as no surprise from a gym owner, but January is a great time of year to join a gym.  Let’s break down the math a bit. Let’s say 100 people join a gym in January because they’re motivated, and not just because their doctor told them too or because it’s beach season. After one year, 60 of the 100 members are still on track reaching their fitness goals and feeling great about their decision.

I Like Those Odds.

So maybe you’re thinking “If only 60% of the people reach their fitness goals, how is that a good time to join?” Well the answer is simple; you have at least a 60/40 chance of reaching healthy goals and improving your life! At Vermont Sport & Fitness we only have a chance to help the ones that go for it and give it a shot. Even though it does not work out for everyone, the people whose lives changed for the better would say the chance was well worth it.

There is another group of 100 people who found a reason not to use their motivation to join a gym or get healthy on their own. Maybe they thought it was too #basic or maybe they just could not pull the trigger this year. Maybe their motivation faded and life got in the way before they had a chance. Well no matter the reason I am sure you can do the math of how many people of this 100 reached their health & fitness goals..  0% – zero people. A great quote told many different ways is;

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

-Wayne Gretzky

Now Is Better Than Later #healthy

Now I agree I am just slightly biased toward fitness, gyms, and a healthy lifestyle. But it’s hard to argue with the math. Don’t do something because it’s the right time of year, or the wrong time of year. Do it because you’re motivated. As we can see, just trying gives you a huge head start to succeeding and much better odds. January is a great time of year for success, and don’t worry; at Vermont Sport & Fitness we have plenty of room for everybody!

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