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Monday’s With Mike

By Dan Doenges | In Gym, Lifestyle, Nutrition | on December 17, 2018

Personal Fitness With Mike

When it comes to fitness, its personal.  In this case it’s family.  My brother Mike is the every person.  He is working hard in just about every region of his life and finding measurable success in most areas he is focused on.  Just like many of us there is one important region that has fallen behind; self care.  Michael has taken the time to evaluate what works for him when he succeeds and to apply it to his health and fitness.  Every Monday we will post his updates on the VS&F blog.  Yes we are doing this to both share his story and to help him with accountability. Read below for the first step in his fitness journey. And stay tuned as he battles to take care of one of the most important aspects of his life his, health and fitness.

I’m A Man Of Goals…

Or at least I have been on and off a few times over my 38 years on the planet.  I guess what I mean is that I am a man who works best when he’s established a set of goals to work from.

Be it personal or professional, when I have a target, that I either value or have decided is important, I do what it takes to make it happen.

I’ve seen this work quite well in many aspects of my life:

I want to be in X position in my career by the time I’m 30

I want to experience X by the time I’m 35

I want to be a great father to my two kids

I want to make $X next year.

Let me tell you, it works for me.

Having a goal sets a guide post. Something that I can target from a distance.  Something that I can adjust my decisions and my process around in order to ensure that I either stay on the right path. Or if I get off the path, I can course correct and be back headed towards the goal that I originally set. Sometimes if the goal is too hard to reach- say if I set a date and an achievement that may just not be possible- the goal itself helps me see where I went wrong; re-adjust; re-goal and get back to it.

So, what happens when I don’t have a goal for a certain area of my life?

Plainly, that area suffers.  I don’t pay attention to it, I get distracted by other things. Mostly though, it becomes an “I can get to that later when I have time”.  But truth be told, that’s just another way of saying it’s not important to me right now… because it’s not one of my goals.

Being that this is on a fitness website, can you guess where I’m headed?

38 years and I have never had a fitness goal… Sure, I have said: “I want to get to the gym more” or “This year I am going to work out 3x per day”.  But those are ToDo’s, not goals.  Of course there are times where I would have liked to “work out for my health” and “not huff and puff when I walk up a flight of stairs”, but those aren’t goals either. They’re just floating concepts. When it comes down to it, I have never honestly said;

“I want to be in a state of physically fit by X date and stay that way until X” and meant it.

Until now.

This week, I am going to set a goal. A goal that is reasonable and attainable, a goal that is guided by the experience and education of professionals.  A goal I know I can achieve, not because of its ease or its simplicity, but a goal that is crafted to get me to my desired result, in a time-frame that is realistic and sustainable.

Next week: I’ll talk about how we came up with the goal, and the progress report on the first week

One Comment to "Monday’s With Mike"

  • Erica Lind says:

    January 5, 2019 at 12:01 pm - Reply

    Gooooooo Mike. You can do it my friend!

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