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Pickleball Update at Vermont Sport & Fitness

By Dan Doenges | In Uncategorized | on October 29, 2018

Hello pickleball players.  We are excited to be in our second year of pickleball at Vermont Sport & Fitness in Rutland, VT.  We have already learned a lot about our pickleball players and what would make our program better for them. Here is where we are at and where we hope to be as a pickleball community.

We have two types of groups playing pickleball right now at Vermont Sport & Fitness.  We have our Mid-Day players who play Monday, Wednesday, Friday between 12:00-3:00.  Then we have our full Racquet Sport members who play at all open club times. This includes unlimited play and club use. The full membership is very popular for people who love flexibility and unlimited play; and or those that may like to play tennis or use the club as well.

Current Changes

Our Mid-Day programs are ranging from 5 players to 12 players in each group each day. This winter we are combining our two levels to play at the same time.  The levels will maintain their separation of ability but only by court, not by playing time. This will help with subbing as well as increasing the social atmosphere.  We will be purchasing pickleball nets and reformatting the courts to be able to accommodate 6 courts at once as the program grows.

We are  increasing the time of play from the 1.5 hours to 2 hours each mid-day session. We will still be a membership-based program with drop-in options. We believe in Rutland, Vermont it takes a community approach like membership to keep programs like this running and growing for years to come.  But don’t worry, there is still no long-term commitment.

Can You Play Too Much?

We have heard of players that are playing 5 – 7 days a week..  With our experience in fitness we do not recommend this much play without careful consideration for your intensity as well as other activities to maintain strength and avoid injury. If you are new to fitness or getting back into fitness, you should start with moderate play just a few times a week to avoid injury.

When playing too many times a week, or playing too many hours, you run the risk of  injury. It may not seem like it when you’re playing (and having so much fun) but burnout can keep you down and out for longer than it’s worth. With pickleball having so many health benefits, you’ll want to keep coming back year after year.  Remember that it’s easy not to realize how much work your body is actually doing when you’re having this amount of fun.

Is VS&F Pickleball  the Right Place for You?

Well the easy answer is Yes.  We would love to have you and we are looking to grow our community with more players having a great time. With pickleball having such a strong social component, the formula is the more the merrier.  With ideal lighting, court service and a nice place to play, rain, snow, or shine, you will feel like this is your home away from home.  If you want to learn more you can call the club, stop in, or email us and we will make sure to get you set up playing and meeting new friends in no time.  Also visit our Pickleball page for some videos of our players.


Dan Doenges 

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