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VS&F Journey

The Next Generation Of Corporate Wellness

By Dan Doenges | In Uncategorized | on August 30, 2018

Instead of corporate wellness meetings on Mondays; there’s Pickleball Wednesday, Tennis Thursdays and Skiing Fridays. This is the new face of corporations taking the health of their employees to heart.

Circle Technology Collective International (CTCI) is a Rutland based technology support and design business. They have decided that wellness is not something to recommend after hours it’s something to build into the workday.  CTCI has a Platinum Corporate Membership at Vermont Sport & Fitness Club. The ownership family and employees can been seen at the club working out, taking tennis lessons, swimming in the pool and “dominating” on the Pickleball court.

Owner Avery Chipka knows that his line of business comes with its fair share of stress. So he made the very conscious effort to use variations of fitness to keep things in balance. In any given week you can see Avery taking tennis lessons, Casey and Megan working with their favorite trainer, Alex and his fiancée Annaleigh hitting up the cardio room followed by a steam bath. Everyone has something that they enjoy doing at Vermont Sport & Fitness Club that keeps the workweek fun, and keeps everyone motivated.

So is this innovative method working? 

Let’s use Alex as an example. Alex has lost over 25 lbs the last year since joining the CTCI team. Alex has been an athlete all his life but like many of us, entered the business world and got working. His level of fitness dropped below his own standards. But, with long days making a living, there was not much time for his own mental or physical health.  When he joined with CTCI, he entered into a world where work is blended with health and he has not looked back. He now works out 3 to 4 times a week and has a much more mindful diet that has brought a healthy balance back into his life.

CTCI is a great example of a small business that is adapting to the next level of what corporate wellness looks like. Here at Vermont Sport & Fitness we are thrilled be able to help keep everyone on the CTCI team happy, motivated and healthy.

If you are interested in learning more about our Corporate Membership options contact Leslie Doenges at Leslie@vsandf.com

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