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Five Keys to Understanding Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance

By Dan Doenges | In Uncategorized | on March 24, 2018

When we sit down with our members, we often hear that weight loss is their number one goal. Here are Five key principles that support our members’ weight loss and maintenance success.

1) Rome Was Not Built In A Day.

Start with realistic goals that you can achieve, celebrate and then move forward.  Setting a 5lb. weight loss goal is not only healthy and achievable, but you will feel great when you succeed. Once our members reach their first milestone, they are motivated to do more.

2) Weight Maintenance Is Weight Loss.

Maintaining your weight may not be as exciting but let’s do the math. If you have been gaining 7lbs. per year for the last 8 years, you will find yourself 54 lbs. heavier. If you decide today you will stay right where you are and work hard to maintain your weight, you will actually be losing 7lbs. per year. Eight years from now your future self will appreciate the 54lbs. less.

3) 10% Weight Loss May Be Just Right

It’s a good idea to set a max goal of losing 10% of your total body weight and no more. It might seem crazy to stop at 10% weight loss when you’re on a roll, but science says, “not so fast”.  When you lose over 10-15% of your total weight, your body moves into a version of “starvation mode.”  Your body will not only send signals to your brain to find food—and lots of it—it will also drop your metabolism to match the reduced calories. You may have been on a roll but after 10%, maintaining is now your best friend to make sure those lost pounds stay lost.  After a period of time at your new weight your body may adjust its set point and allow for a less hindered additional loss of weight. 

4) You Need To Eat!

As our nutritionist Leslie Doenges expresses all the time, food is not the enemy. Eating enough of the right foods is crucial to weight loss and maintenance. It not only supports growth of muscle, which increases your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR); the right nutrition also makes you feel better.  When you feel better, you move more. When you move more, you are motivated by how great you feel. It’s a positive feedback loop that, once put in motion, can change your life.

5) Weight Loss Is Great But Consistent Exercise Is The Key

Weight loss is just one benefit of many as you work towards your goal to lose weight. With regular exercise you will also have more energy, strength, and clearness of mind. In all, you’ll gain a more positive outlook on life. You will be proud of the weight loss or maintenance, but it will only be one part of why you keep going.

Good luck everyone keep these principles in mind.  For more information stop in at Vermont Sport & Fitness and we can get you started on a plan for you.

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