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Member Success Story: Mae Murdock

By Dan Doenges | In Uncategorized | on January 23, 2018


Mae has always had an interest in pursing law enforcement. This past year she decided to take action toward achieving her goal of joining the local force. In the summer of 2017 when she moved back to Vermont, she was looking for a home base to start her fitness training. To make the cut at tryouts she knew she would need to increase her overall fitness, strength and stamina. That’s when she walked through our doors to see if Vermont Sport & Fitness would have what she needed to find success.


In the past she had been a member of several different gyms, but at Vermont Sport & Fitness she noticed a difference right away. “Everyone was really welcoming when I joined, and you can tell the staff really cares about your success.” Mae started out with an orientation to help her get comfortable with the layout of the club and familiar with the machines. After setting her goals with our head trainer Chrissy she was enrolled in ActivTrax (our personalized workout program included with membership) and ready to begin her new routine.


With daily-customized workouts she was on her way to getting conditioned for the academy and finding success through the summer. Eventually she ran into the barrier a lot of us need to overcome with our fitness: sticking with it. Mae knew to reach her goal she couldn’t lose momentum so she decided to supplement her workouts by meeting with a personal trainer. Lance Schu was able to push her to the next level and get her motivated on the days she didn’t want to get it done.  By providing energetic and different workouts she was consistently pushing herself and seeing real results.


Now, just six months after becoming a member, Mae has lost over 30 pounds. She also increased her strength and has more confidence. After an intense tryout she was accepted into a training program and is excited and ready to begin her training later this year!  We are so happy for Mae and her achievements and proud to have her as part of our community.

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One Comment to "Member Success Story: Mae Murdock"

  • Tom says:

    January 23, 2018 at 3:59 pm -

    Great successful story Mae. Good luck

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