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Invest in Your Fitness

By Dan Doenges | In Uncategorized | on January 16, 2018

Today is the perfect day to make your first deposit! Divest your time and energy from what others are doing and reinvest in your own health and fitness. Go for a walk, go to the gym, make a healthy dinner or just play with the kids. Whatever you do, remember that time is the most precious currency we have, so make sure to invest it wisely.

“The four most dangerous words in investing are ‘this time it’s different.’” – Sir John Templeton. If you study the art of investing it doesn’t take an expert to learn that it’s a long-term game. But often what occupies our attention are the short-term headlines, like Bitcoin investors becoming millionaires. But most people are not experts in the world of cryptocurrency and are not in a position to invest their life savings overnight. One tried and true strategy is to start investing as soon as you can, invest what you can afford and let the process be your guide, not the short-term ups and downs.

The same goes for our fitness. We go online or read the news and up pops the latest fitness craze that is changing people’s lives and if you’re not already in, you’re out! It can feel like someone else is living out your fitness dreams and you missed an opportunity of a lifetime. But most of us are not at the point where overcoming 40 + obstacles while climbing a mountain is going to happen over night. Just like in finance, you should invest in your own getting-started strategy, set goals you can control, like how many times a week, and then trust that the process will produce the desired results.

In either discipline it’s so important to put your blinders on and keep your goals straight in front of you. If we compare ourselves to others and what they have, we stop moving forward and start spinning in circles. The best investors don’t make flashy bets or try to catch the next shooting star and they certainly don’t worry about what could have been. When you want to make a change, keep your eyes on the prize, make regular small investments in yourself, and at the end of the year you won’t care what anyone else is doing because you are doing you.

For more information on making sound & effective fitness investments visit us at Vermont Sport & Fitness.

let’s enjoy the journey…

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