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VS&F Journey

let's enjoy the journey…

By Dan Doenges | In Uncategorized | on January 1, 2018

The following is a shortened version a staff letter we sent out to begin the new year. Reading back over it we thought it encapsulated what’s important to us here at VS&F, so we are sharing it with you as well.


Hello everyone on the VS&F team,

First off Leslie and I want to thank you for a great first year of ownership of Vermont Sport & Fitness. We are so proud and privileged to work with such a great team and all of our 900+ members. The first year was memorable in many ways. I wanted to touch base with our vision for 2018.

You may have noticed that we are talking a lot about let’s enjoy the journey… This expression and now tagline was thought out carefully to capture how we feel about all of our members’ and guests’ experience at the club.

The Let’s is designed to talk about everyone on this journey together, members with members, staff to members and staff with staff. We need to continue to build a community of people who care about each other and make real connections. I believe that connecting with people in the modern age is becoming more difficult and rarer, so each in-person meaningful discussion or connection might be the highlight of our member’s and your day.

The next word is enjoy. We truly believe that this process works if you enjoy where you are, who you are with and/or what you are doing. This goes for the members and the staff. If you look forward to walking through the doors you will be successful. We want the enjoyment of our jobs to be an example for the members so they too can enjoy themselves. Let’s keep this top of mind in each moment of the members daily experience. If you think of something that would enhance our member’s or your enjoyment in the club please let me know.

The Journey. We only get one journey so we better make it a good one. Fitness, from our point of view, a process enhances one’s life and not just an end result. Working out, feeling better, reaching small goals, getting a slightly better serve is the good part. If our members can appreciate the journey itself, maybe they will feel more fulfilled than if they are chasing after the perfect body or the perfect serve. For our staff, trying to get better each day is what builds the club. There is no end club design just a handful of people looking to improve themselves and what they contribute daily.

So let’s enjoy the journey and see if we and the members can have a kick ass year!

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