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VS&F Junior Tennis Academy

Junior tennis academy logo for Vermont Sport and Fitness club.

VS&F Junior Tennis Academy

Developing the area’s young players


Download Registration form January 2018 and mail in or drop off at the club with payment.  Stop by Vermont Sport & Fitness to learn more from one of our Tennis Professionals.


Our main goal for our players is to have fun learning the sport of tennis.  We believe that kids always reach their highest potential in a sport if they love what they are doing. By teaching them tennis through games and fun the kids will enjoy a sport that they can take with them for the rest of their lives.  For the younger kids they will learn age appropriate skills and body control in a fun and positive environment. For the older groups the players will be developing skills that will allow them to compete in fun events and matches. We believe that this is a great program for any kid at any level and we would love to invite you to join our growing youth players.

Munchkin Tennis (ages 3–4) & Kinder Tennis (ages 5–6)
An introduction to the sport, children develop their physical abilities with motor skills, agility, teamwork, hand-eye coordination, and games. They learn the basics of the game while having fun.

Mini Tennis (7–8) & Kid’s Tennis (9–10)
This is a very important stage where kids develop their skills in the sport. There is more emphasis on technique, while still being fun.

Teens 1 (11–13)
For those who want to get started in tennis or have limited experience. Learn all the basics of the game, including rules and scoring. Good preparation for a school tennis team.

Teens 2 (14-17)                                                                                                    This is perfect for players who are looking to develop their game.  Best suited for those looking to play on Freshman,JV, or Varsity Tennis teams.



Akhnaton (Paco) Aguilar is a great tennis professional and Coach that will get the most out of each kid.


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