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Junior Tennis Programs

Junior Tennis Programs

Developing life skills while having fun


Vermont Sport & Fitness offers top-level training and tennis instruction to kids and young adults. Each program is specifically designed to help develop young players while also encouraging a love of the game.


Junior Tennis Academy Summer Tennis Camp



Kids who learn to play tennis experience several developmental advantages that will carry with them throughout their lifetime. The aerobic nature of the sport provides excellent cardiovascular exercise for kids as they run around maintaining high energy levels for long periods of time, which will strengthen their heart (and contribute to a good night’s rest!). Stretching before and after play creates flexibility of the growing muscles and joints, which can help prevent injury later in life. Gross motor function is utilized as large muscle groups are quickly conditioned through movement on the court and striking the ball.

As they learn specific hits such as angled volleys, drop shots and lobs their fine motor skills come into play activate smaller muscle groups for precision and placement. During a single point, kids may change direction multiple times within seconds resulting in increased agility over time. These particular types of conditioning contribute to a strengthened immune system and resistance to disease as well. The development benefits, as well as the fun they will have, makes tennis at Vermont Sport & Fitness the perfect sport for your little (and not so little ones.) Helping them learn the right way will set them up for success physically, mentally, and socially!

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