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Goal Setting


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VS&F Consulting

VS&F consulting was formed by bringing together a dedicated group of experts in their fields who are customer experience obsessed. Through brand, Marketing, small business solutions and user experience we are your support team.   We focus on being a part of your team to bring the optimal customer experience, that will transform your sales and retention model, creating a sustainable model for long term growth.


Small Business are struggling to adapt to the changing customer landscape. They can not access the high powered marketing teams and consultants to help their business thrive. They feel alone with the same pressures of a corporation without the support team.


Become a member of our team. Get high quality marketing and business solutions. Share the cost with other small business owners just like you.


Why We Are Here:

Regardless of your industry being a small business owner is hard. You have more ideas than time in the day. You also have a lot on your shoulders as you wear many hats at all times. This has a definite impact on your business. Whatever you are not paying attention to tends to falter.

While large corporations can pull from teams of highly experienced people you struggle to find anyone who can relate to your business and your struggles. Marketing plans are a luxury for you and making your business more efficient can get pushed till tomorrow. You may be lucky enough to have a team of 10, 20 or even 50 employees but none of them are the owners and so their roles need to stay focused on the task at hand. While you are hard at work making your current customers happy there are others out there who can’t find you or don’t know the value you can bring them. Also behind the scenes your not 100% sure if while you are bringing all that value you have any left for yourself.

We are here to change all that. We are here to be your teammate when you need more hands. A second look when you are short on experienced eyes. A resource for marketing industry changes. An outside perspective on your brand. And yes even team strategies to make sure your margins are healthy and you are making more than you spend throughout your business. In all we are here to help you. Our team is made up of owners, marketing and retail consultants and user experience experts. We know what it takes to be successful and you can’t do it on your own.

We look forward to having you join the Marketing and Small Business Solutions Team.


User Experience = Success

The conversation of success is changing.  What was once sales and retention strategies to compete head to head in your industry: is now a comprehensive user experience that will fundamentally change the way your customers view your business.  The final frontier of a successful business is to move away from competition and move towards user experience.  Working with our user experience model will allow you to separate from the field, differentiating your service and avoid becoming another casualty in the price wars to the bottom.

Our VS&F Consulting team will dive deep into each stage of your customers experience.  Starting with the first moment of marketing brand awareness, to the crucial stage of purchasing, and completing with the continued positive use of your service.

Your User Experience Ranking

Each Stage –Decision Making – Purchasing -Utilization  will be ranked on *four category’s from (1-10).  This will create an overall picture of your user experience ranking.  We will provide all the reports, guidance, and ongoing assistance to implement and sustain the highest quality experience.  When implemented we will together create a unique experience that can’t be replicated. Your competition will no longer be your competition.

*Friction Points (1-10)
Human Consideration (1-10)
Asks vs Gives (1-10)
Authentic (1-10)

To learn more about how to team up with VS&F Consulting contact.  Dan@vsandf.com

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