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Goal Setting


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VS&F Consulting

VS&F consulting was formed by bringing together a dedicated group of experts in their fields who are customer experience obsessed.  We focus on being a part of your team to bring the optimal customer experience, that will transform your sales and retention model, creating a sustainable model for long term growth.

User Experience = Success

The conversation of success is changing.  What was once sales and retention strategies to compete head to head in your industry: is now a comprehensive user experience that will fundamentally change the way your customers view your business.  The final frontier of a successful business is to move away from competition and move towards user experience.  Working with our user experience model will allow you to separate from the field, differentiating your service and avoid becoming another casualty in the price wars to the bottom.

Our VS&F Consulting team will dive deep into each stage of your customers experience.  Starting with the first moment of brand awareness, through the crucial stage of purchasing, and completing with the continued positive use of your service.

Your User Experience Ranking

Each Stage –Decision Making – Purchasing -Utilization  will be ranked on *four category’s from (1-10).  This will create an overall picture of your user experience ranking.  We will provide all the reports, guidance, and ongoing assistance to implement and sustain the highest quality experience.  When implemented we will together create a unique experience that can’t be replicated. Your competition will no longer be your competition.

*Friction Points (1-10)
Human Consideration (1-10)
Asks vs Gives (1-10)
Authentic (1-10)

To learn more about how to team up with VS&F Consulting contact.  Dan@vsandf.com

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