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Nutrition with Leslie

Nutritionist Leslie Doenges

Nutrition with Leslie

Individualized Meal Planning and Consulting


Nutrition by definition is the study of nutrients in food, how the body uses those nutrients, and the relationship between diet and health. With so much information out there it can really hard to determine what you should be eating or not eating, which foods are harmful and which foods are vital for optimal nutrition. These contradictory messages often lead to poor consumer choices that can adversely affect your health.


I use my passion for health, food and nutrition to educate clients on the basics principles of a healthy diet, and help guide them down a path of consistently making good decisions when it comes to food. My door is always open for members to stop in with questions or talk about a specific concern. For those who require more structure and individual support, I can help you get on track. Once you have the tools, practicing mindful eating will become part of your daily life and create a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.


Book your private appointment with Leslie for an initial nutritional assessment, which will include a seven-day meal plan and access to her Facebook nutrition support group. Only $99.95 (free for VS&F members). If you want to continue will meal plans and support, choose from two tiers:

Only $29.95/month
(VS&F Members: $9.95/month)

  1. Meal plans chosen from over 750 options tailored to your goals
  2. Personal online support from Leslie
  3. Facebook support group
Only $49.95/month
(VS&F Members: $29.95/month)

  1. All the features of the Standard Meal Plan plus:
  2. Fully customized meal plans tailored to your specific nutritional guidelines and goals
  3. Monthly one-on-one check-ins and assessments with Leslie

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