Classes & Schedules

*Updated 11/04/17

Boot Camp: 45 min. of interval and agility training using sports-inspired movements and team spirit. Will include use of battle ropes, kettle bells, slam balls, jump boxes, and more. All ability levels.

Group Core: 30 action-packed minutes to develop a strong core from your shoulders to your hips. Expert coaching and motivating music will guide you through functional and integrated exercises using your body weight, weight plates, a towel and a platform. Bring your own towel. VISIT WEBSITE ]

Group Power: This 60-minute barbell program strengthens all your major muscles in an inspiring, motivating group environment with fantastic music and awesome instructors. With simple, athletic movements such as squats, lunges, presses and curls, Group Power is for all ages and fitness levels. [ VISIT WEBSITE ]

Kettlebells: This class will combine kettlebell and bodyweight movements to make them challenging, yet flexible enough for individuals of most fitness levels. We will focus on joint mobility and stability, muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, and total-body range of motion. (30 min.)

My Intensity Interval Training (MIIT): The goal of this 45-minute class is to keep moving and modify as needed. To increase the intensity, increase your speed or feel free to add light to medium weights to any or all exercises! Build strength and improve your cardio endurance—great for all fitness levels!

Pilates: Moderately paced exercise for core fitness and longer, leaner body lines. Pilates is terrific for core strength, balance and flexibility. (50 min.)

Spinning: Forty-five minutes of group cycling with hills, runs, sprints, and steady tours. A great calorie burner for all levels. Spinning articles and research: [ About Spinning

Step & Shred! This class is a complete 45-minute workout with 30 min. of cardio and 15 min. of toning. It uses dynamic step movements that everyone can learn. All levels are welcome. This class will improve your balance and flexibility while providing enough strength exercises to complete your workout.

Strength Training 101: Alternating cardio, strengthening, balance and flexibility exercise designed to keep you young. (45 min.)

Yoga: All levels are welcome. Beginners will have an experience that is challenging but safe; more experienced students will learn how to work at a deeper level to develop a personal practice. Each class will be framed by an intention that will inspire that day’s experience. (1 hour.)

Zumba Fitness: "Come join the party" for an hour of Latin and international dance rhythms and easy to follow dance moves. No dance experience required. [ VISIT WEBSITE ]

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